What is the Infantry?

I thought this piece was one of the best pieces I have read on the subject of women in the Infantry; it captures the complexity and the vagueness of the argument; it very precisely captures the visceral dilemma Infantry soldiers feel in their hearts. As a Cadet, and even as a young LT, I too had a very different opinion on the matter. In fact I wrote quite a large paper on why I (a green female Officer) did not think women should serve in combat roles, let alone the Infantry. Then I went to war, spent two years of my life driving across Iraq, and low and behold, many of my opinions on many things changed. I now think and know in my heart that if the standards do not change, and some women can do it, they should be given the opportunity; I have thought and thought about this. Hygiene and other such base arguments are not going to be enough to argue against keeping women out. As former Infantry men, not boys, I ask simply that you keep an open mind and attempt to look at the issue from: what does the Infantry gain by the service of women, rather than lose? Army Strong


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