The Left Scramble on Egyptian Military Coup


Goodwin gets it right.  The American “Left” is in an utter state of confusion and frustration over the event in Egypt.

Does the American “Left” support the coup executed by the Egyptian Army? Well that is kind of difficult because the American “Left” does not have many nice things to say about the military in general, in any country.  Do they support the “Deeply Religious” Muslim Brotherhood?  Well, that’s kind of tricky too…this group of Islamist men, oppress women and wish to take Egypt back about 100 years.  Does the American Left support the Protesters?  Well, usually they would because they love protesters; and  they really loved these young pro democracy Protesters.  However, in this case, the “Protesters” actually love their Army (who almost all men serve in). In fact they love and trust them so much that they authorized that very Army to overthrow Morsi.  I have to admit, while it is kind of entertaining and satisfying to see the American “Left” squirm in a state of ideological conflict, it is actually very scary that this large group of people lacks the ability to critically think about much.


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